Eduardo Morales | Social Media Influencer Marketing and Instagram Growth Consulting

Hi, my name is Eduardo Morales. My friends call me Edmo.

I am a Social Media Influencer Marketing and Instagram Growth expert currently living in Brooklyn, NY.


I am passionate about understanding the impact that social media has on our lives. I believe that it is up to us to build products and share information that will help make the future of social media as positive and constructive for as many of us as possible.

I want to work with people and businesses that share a similar vision of the future and want to challenge the status quo.


Current Projects

These are the projects I’m currently working on:

For past projects, check out my LinkedIn.


The CRAFT of GROWING AND instagram

In my opinion, growing an Instagram account isn’t about being “social”, it’s about recognizing the most impactful activities on the platform and consistently executing them at a high level. To test this hypothesis as well as to continually improve my skills, I start Instagram accounts that I believe have the potential to grow fast and bring value to people’s lives. A few of my favorite ones so far are @pinlord, @macramemakers, @potteryforall and @pleasantlygreen.

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I want to help others become financially independent through their social media. In my opinion, it's important to have free and open information that helps build skills that will allow more people to avoid having to get a crappy job they hate. I started this nonprofit Meetup group as my way to contribute to that cause. The Instagram Growth Hackers community provides a free space for anyone interested in learning how to build a fast-growing audience on Instagram.



I am passionate about demystifying the practice of Social Media Influencer Marketing to help great content creators and entrepreneurs be successful and earn a living doing what they love to do. Along with my Co-Founder, Luis Iten, we’ve launched to do something about that.

Recent Articles

Here are a few articles I’ve written that I hope will empower and help you understand social media a bit better:

You can read more of my work through my Medium account. 

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Let's Work Together!

If you need Social Media help, below are two type of projects that get me excited :) If you’re interested in working together or just want to get in touch, you can email me at 

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Take Your Social Media Influencer Marketing strategy to the Next Level:

I believe that there is no “One Size Fits All” solution for Influencer Marketing. Each brand, product and service requires a tailored strategy to achieve sustainable long-term results. If you’d like to work together, my focus is to first get to know you, learn about what you wish to achieve through influencer marketing and evaluate the resources you have available to reach your goals. Then, I will help you implement an in-house system that uses data, split testing and iteration to identify the most effective Influencer Marketing strategy for you. In the past, I’ve successfully implemented Influencer Marketing systems for Depop and my own brand, @pinlord.

Instagram Growth Coaching:

Want to start a new fast-growing Instagram for your product, service or startup? Want to 10x the growth of your current account? In my opinion, growing an Instagram isn’t about how “social” you are, it’s about recognizing the most impactful activities on the platform and consistently executing them at a high level. If you need help help identifying what you need to do and how you can execute in your day to day, I will help you implement the tools, strategy and structure needed to make that happen quickly and effectively. I’ve grown @pinlord, @macramemakers, @potteryforall, @pleasantlygreen, @coffeeselector and a bunch more using a simple framework. You can too...