Eduardo Morales | Online Marketplace Community Growth and Influencer Marketing Consultant

Hi, my name is Eduardo Morales. My friends call me Edmo.


I make a living building passionte online communities through social media an influencer marketing and I help great startups and brands build them too. 


Let's Work Together!

If you have an awesome product, idea, or service and want some help building a passionate online community around it, get in touch! Here are a couple of the type of consulting services I'm great at: 

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Building a passionate online community for a marketplace or digital platform can be very challenging. Onboarding funnels, in-app messaging, functionality incentives, social media strategies, and AB testing growth tactics, and an overall vision of what "community building" means are all an essential part of the process.  I make it a bit more simple for you by sharing my experience of how I've built several of them in the past as well as help you tailor the right strategies, test and process for what YOU need.

Take Your Social Media Influencer Marketing strategy to the Next Level:

I believe that there is no “One Size Fits All” solution for Influencer Marketing and each brand, product and service requires a tailored strategy to achieve sustainable long-term results.  That's why I provide consulting services to help startups develop effective in-house Social Media Influencer Marketing processes & teams. It's a system I developed through my own experience executing successful influencer marketing for campaigns for companies like Depop and Pinlord, and it's based on a simple AB testing-based 3 step process: 1) How to identify and evaluate the influencers that will provide the highest ROI for you. 2) How to build and on-boarding process that efficiently maximizes results. 3) How to measure results and develop long-term relationships with influencers.

Instagram Growth Coaching:

Want to start a new fast-growing Instagram for your product, service or startup? Want to 10x the growth of your current account? In my opinion, growing an Instagram isn’t about how “social” you are, it’s about recognizing the most impactful activities on the platform and consistently executing them at a high level. If you need help help identifying what you need to do and how you can execute in your day to day, I will help you implement the tools, strategy and structure needed to make that happen quickly and effectively. I’ve grown @pinlord, @macramemakers, @potteryforall, @pleasantlygreen, @coffeeselector and a bunch more using a simple framework. You can too...


These are some of the online communities I've helped build: 


As the head of US Community Growth, and later, the US General Manager, we implemented online community building and influencer marketing strategies that more than quintupled our average daily active users in the USA from 10K to 50K, quadrupled our average daily downloads from 200 to 2000 and attained a top 25 ranking in the lifestyle category in Apple’s app store within 1 year. 


Grew the @pinlord brand to over 100K followers on Instagram and a $75K+ yearly revenue within 24 months. Released over 30 pins in collaboration with artists like Brooke Candy, @michel_e_b, Asher Roth, and many others, as well as created educational content that has generated 75K views on YouTube and over 65K reads on Medium. Mentioned in publications such as The New York Times, W Magazine, HypebeastUproxx, and The Blonde Salad.


Advised on Instagram and Influencer Marketing strategies and in-house processes that helped @squishables grow their online community from 14K to over 75K followers in less than a year. 

Instagram Growth Hackers NYC: 

Founded and organize the largest Instagram tactics-related Meetup in NYC. The purpose of this group is to provide a free space to share strategies, habits, case studies and tools to grow Instagram channels FAST and build sustainable businesses from them. Past speakers include Eliot Robinson from Dunk, Eva Alt from Glossier, Red Gaskell former Head of Social at EverlaneFinn Thormeier, and many others. 


Current Projects

These are the projects I’m currently working on:

For past projects, check out my LinkedIn.


The CRAFT of GROWING AND instagram

In my opinion, growing an Instagram account isn’t about being “social”, it’s about recognizing the most impactful activities on the platform and consistently executing them at a high level. To test this hypothesis as well as to continually improve my skills, I start Instagram accounts that I believe have the potential to grow fast and bring value to people’s lives. A few of my favorite ones so far are @pinlord, @macramemakers, @potteryforall and @pleasantlygreen.

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I want to help others become financially independent through their social media. In my opinion, it's important to have free and open information that helps build skills that will allow more people to avoid having to get a crappy job they hate. I started this nonprofit Meetup group as my way to contribute to that cause. The Instagram Growth Hackers community provides a free space for anyone interested in learning how to build a fast-growing audience on Instagram.



I am passionate about demystifying the practice of Social Media Influencer Marketing to help great content creators and entrepreneurs be successful and earn a living doing what they love to do. Along with my Co-Founder, Luis Iten, we’ve launched to do something about that.


Recent Articles

Here are a few articles I’ve written that I hope will empower and help you understand social media a bit better:

You can read more of my work through my Medium account. 

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